10-Day “Back to Blogging” Challenge

[fr] Un exercice de concision, et un moyen de (re)mettre la machine en marche: ces dix prochains jours (à partir de demain) je publierai chaque jour un article, court, d'environ un écran de longueur maximum. Il y eut une époque ou écrire un article de blog était quelque chose qu'on faisait rapidement -- ce n'est pas nécessaire d'écrire un roman à chaque fois.

Ça vous tente? Annoncez-vous et j'ajouterai votre nom ici, et je ferai un lien vers vos articles à mesure que vous les écrirez. Hashtag: #back2blog.

For the next ten days, starting tomorrow (Tuesday), I’m going to write a post a day. I’ll keep it short: blogging used to be quick and dirty, and somewhere between the arrival of Facebook and Twitter, posts have started growing into long essays that take hours to write.

How short is short? Roughly a screenful. Not more. I have a ton of ideas to blog about, and view this as an exercise in concision, as well as a way to get myself blogging again — which I seem to periodically need to do.

I expect that each post will take me under 30 minutes to write — at the most under an hour.

Care to join me? Let me know and I’ll put your name here and link to your posts as they come out. Hashtag: #back2blog. Get your blogging pals on board!

Rising to the challenge:

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74 Responses to 10-Day “Back to Blogging” Challenge

  1. Ok ok… I am in! Can be about anything, right? As long as it’s a reasonable post?

    deep breath

    Got any ideas to share? :D

  2. Yes, topic completely free! Just don’t make it long!

  3. topic ideas: books you’ve been reading, things you’ve been doing, thoughts you’ve been thinking, and I’m sure you have a huge pile of expat-insight to share with us

  4. Nicole C. says:

    ok so one about packing cubes, one about pabli, one about people who write my little pony fan fiction, one about food olympics in italy, one about sacred cows in the workplace, one about my obsession with the oeuvre of Patrick Modiano even though he is only the stay klassy version of Marc Levy, one about lip balm, one about Lausanne boo hoo, one about flying business class and being fat, and one about fighting over windows 8 with Chris. win. I got this.

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  6. Bonne idée! Seule, c’est plus difficile à tenir, comme résolution!

  7. Evren Kiefer says:

    I am in as well. Needed the incentive. It’s gonna be great :D

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  9. mlle-cassis says:

    Ok I’m in too. This autumnwinter should be inspiring :)

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  13. Marie-Aude says:

    Bonne idée ! cela fait aussi trop longtemps que je n’écris pas… merci pour le cpac :)

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  15. Tu fais avec nous, Marie-Aude?

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  18. Andreia Glanville says:

    Hello ,

    Puis je tjs participer au challenge?


  19. Bien sûr Andreia! Redonne-moi juste l’URL de ton blog que je t’ajoute!

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  28. Susie says:

    What a great idea. My blog is new but I think this is a great way to get into the swing of things. I’m a few days late but would still love to join your challenge.

  29. Jump right in! Just tweet your posts with #back2blog :-)

  30. Do you know your post page title is stuffed with keywords? If you did it on purpose, I don’t think it’s a really good idea. If you didn’t do it… you might want to make sure you haven’t been hacked.

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  35. Marie-Aude says:

    Oui je fais avec :) et vraiment avec plaisir !

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