Bye Safran: FIP is a Bitch

[fr] Safran est malade: il a le FIP/PIF et doit être endormi -- il n'y rien à faire pour le sauver.

I got home from the vet a couple of hours ago. I’d taken Safran because he seemed under the weather (I got home from vacation yesterday evening). I thought he had a cold.

He has FIP. The wet form. My vet says he has a success rate of roughly 50% with the dry form, but has to this day never saved a single cat who had developed the wet form. I’ll let you read up more on this nasty disease.

Safran 2

I’m heartbroken. I’ll be going back to the vet’s tomorrow afternoon to put Safran to sleep. In the meantime, we’re saying good-bye. We were just starting to warm up to one another.

I like to think that although his post-shelter life will have been short (2 month), it will have been a good one.

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7 Responses to Bye Safran: FIP is a Bitch

  1. mlle-cassis says:


    poor Safran!

  2. Martin says:

    args … that is very bad news … poor cat :(

  3. Marie-Aude says:

    This is the photo of a happy cat in a nice environment ! I’ll miss him also, but certainly not so much as you

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