LeWeb'11: Open For Official Blogger Applications [en]

[fr] Comme chaque année à cette époque, vous pouvez demander une accréditation "blogueur officiel" pour LeWeb.

Thanks to your recommendations, we’ve started inviting bloggers and podcasters to LeWeb’11 as “Official Bloggers“.

From now on, you can of course also simply apply to be an Official Blogger. Arne and Fred will take care of reviewing applications.

Please read the introduction instructions (those given for recommendations are worth a read too) and fill in the form carefully, as it makes it easier for us to deal with the hundreds of applications we get each year in a timely manner. Thanks in advance!

Applications now closed.

3 thoughts on “LeWeb'11: Open For Official Blogger Applications [en]

  1. Are you also looking for a photographer? I’m asking because I’ve been the photographer for Lift for 3 years and have made the experience bloggers appreciate having some Creative Commons pictures they can use.

  2. Hi Ivo! Photographers can also apply, specially if you’re CC-compatible, it’s always nice to have visuals bloggers can dip in.

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