Blogging Feast and Famine [en]

[fr] Je n'ai jamais pu me résoudre à planifier la publication de mes articles, ici. Sitôt écrit, sitôt publié -- tu parles de gratification immédiate. Ces temps, je me demande si je devrais peut-être changer ça.

One thing I’ve never managed to bring myself to do is schedule my blogposts here on CTTS. I do it for other blogs I’m involved in professionally, but I find that once I’ve written something I simply do not have the patience to wait for it to see the light of day. Slave of immediate gratification am I indeed.

Does it bother you when you get nothing to read for days or weeks, and then a flood of blogposts over the space of a week or maybe even a day? Should I be a little less writer-centred and a little more reader-centred?

It’s something I’m wondering about these days.

3 thoughts on “Blogging Feast and Famine [en]

  1. I would love to have new content every day, but it must remain realistic and not boring for you! Anyway, I also like to get a lot of posts at once… So, you choose! ^^

  2. It’s your personal blog. It’s not a job. Keep it personal, and do it as and when the mood takes you, people don’t celebrate the personal blog enough theses day. They’re rife with unpredictability, quirks and personality, and that’s what makes them so much more interesting than the blogging-by-numbers that so many people advocate.

    Blog as and when you feel like it. I, and many others, will enjoy it just as it is. 😉

  3. Adam and Nathalie, thanks for the comments! Thankfully, I’m not worrying myself sick with this kind of things, but I do sometimes step back and try to see if I want to do things differently. So far, your reactions are encouraging me to keep on! Just to experiment, though, I’ve written a post that I’ve set to go live tomorrow (also because I want to keep my big nasty “real-time is burying history” post on top for a little ;-))

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