I'm in Pune, India [en]

[fr] Ça y est, je suis à Pune! Plus de nouvelles plus tard, quand j'aurai dormi ma première vraie nuit ici (la nuit entre l'avion et la voiture roulant comme folle de Mumbai à Pune, ça compte pas). En attendant, lisez L'Inde, dix ans après...

I made it. After all these years of not managing to come back to India, here I am. The blood of a dozen mosquitoes on my hands, a bottle of Bisleri by my side, stomach full of delicious home-cooked food by my friend Nisha.

Travel went smoothly, aside the hour of waiting for our luggage at Mumbai (but these things happen). Mumbai airport is unrecognizable and so, so much nicer. A lot has changed in 7 (or 10) years.

I have a few photos already, and things to say (India is has always been about taking the time to do things, for me — and I will). But’s 11pm local time and I’m really tired. This is a good thing, because it means I’ll sleep and get over the jetlag quickly.

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4 thoughts on “I'm in Pune, India [en]

  1. hey Stephanie,
    finally you are here. Unfortunately I am now at my home town, Bhubaneswar Orissa. But hope to see you in person once I am back in Mumbai on the first week of January ( Pune is nearer from there ) .
    Welcome to India and wishing you a lot of fun filled memories from here.

  2. Bravo sephanie il est toujours super de réaliser ses rêves et ses envies. Grâce à tes tweets je fais me ballader un peu avec toi en Inde. Belles découvertes et bonnes retrouvailles…;

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