LeWeb’10 Bloggers: the Ball is Rolling

[fr] Les choses bougent en ce qui concerne les accréditations blogueurs pour LeWeb'10! Grâce à vos recommandations, nous avons pu établir une pré-sélection internationale de blogueurs officiels, qui recevront un e-mail dans les jours à venir. Puis, dans une semaine environ, nous mettrons à disposition un formulaire pour que chacun et chacune puisse faire une demande d'accréditation, comme les années précédentes. Pas de panique, donc, si vous ne recevez pas un e-mail de notre part juste maintenant!

Plus de détails dans le corps de l'article en anglais.

Here we are — news about blogger accreditations for LeWeb’10 in Paris, this December!

First, I’d like to thank you all for the bloggers and podcasters you recommended this summer. These hundreds of recommendations have allowed us to preselect a shortlist of official bloggers which will be truly international. We will be e-mailing these folks within the next days to invite them to attend the conference as official bloggers.

But this is only a small part of the official blogger selection! Once our “international bases” are covered (let’s say in a week or so) we will provide a form allowing bloggers and podcasters to apply directly for accreditation.

The form will be a bit different from last year’s, and there will not be a deadline: we will be processing applications as they come (we have refined our criteria for official blogger eligibility) as long as we have blogger passes available.

So don’t worry if you’re not getting an e-mail from us right now — we know there are plenty of great bloggers and podcasters we have not included in our international selection, and we look forward to receiving your applications once the form is online in a week or so!

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