Reverting iTunes 10 to an iTunes 9 look: Icon, Buttons, Colors [en]

[fr] Quelques liens utiles pour redonner à iTunes 10 le look d'iTunes 9.

Thanks to @tommorris (he has a blog too) my iTunes 10 has stopped looking “wrong”. Here’s how to change the icon back to the iTunes 9 icon, arrange the window buttons horizontally instead of vertically (just stick that code, including backticks, into the terminal, and hit Enter), and even bring colour back to your left sidebar (alternate download link for the file to replace).

Honestly, what were they thinking?

2 thoughts on “Reverting iTunes 10 to an iTunes 9 look: Icon, Buttons, Colors [en]

  1. Hi Stephanie,
    thanks for the blog and the inspiration(s), I am a silent but dedicated reader of your posts. As regards iTunes 10, maybe you can add that there are also some flaws in that version :
    – problems with automator strings
    – one can no longer import a CD because of bugs
    So we are (mac users) waiting eagerly for a patch, or at least (and that’s my point here) a way to “switch back” to iTunes 9. Not only for cosmetics (although ergonomy is also important 😉
    More info on the bugs on this thread on the Mac support forum.

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