4 thoughts on “WordPress 3.0 Installed [en]

  1. Having read your comment about the WordPress 3.0 upgrade, I decided to have a go on my own blog… and I can confirm that the automatic procedure is absolutely painless and took less than 5 minutes! In fact I think I spent more time doing multiple backups of my database and my WP installation just in case something might have gone wrong….

  2. Bonjour Stéphanie,
    comme de plus en plus de blogueurs, je vois que vous avez décidé de ne plus utiliser FeedBurner pour la gestion de votre flux RSS.
    J’aurais 2 questions à ce propos :
    1) Pourquoi ?
    2) Comment faites-vous du coup pour comptabiliser le nombre d’abonnés à votre flux ?
    Je cherchais un système pour quantifier mes abonnés, cette solution me semblait la plus rapide à ce jour.

    A vous lire.

  3. Stephanie:

    This is like the fourth time I came to your site all for different reasons but somehow all my ways are leading me to you. Is that some kind of WordPress-Tech-Vodoo stuff?

    Hard to say but I guess I’ll follow your lead. I dumped a few lines this morning regarding your Bunny plugin wondering if it works on WP3.0 + Thesis 1.7 but seem you are not really onto that plugin anymore.

    I wonder if BasicBilingual will work for what I need but I guess I’ll probably try it.

    Also read you are getting into MailChimp and I was just thinking about it. Can’t remember just now the other topic that seem I’m just behind your steps so I think that I’ll keep visiting your site and enjoying your good work!.,

  4. You don’t need bunny tags anymore because tags are now built into WordPress. Basic Bilingual will work, I’m using it here. Language Linker: not certain, but I use WPML now on the site I designed Language Linker for. As for MailChimp… go ahead!

    Glad you like my site 🙂

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