3 thoughts on “The Good Idea That's Not Working [en]

  1. It’s been a fun experiment – my biggest problem is actually with slinkset, rather than the idea. It’s free and simple, but it’s also spam friendly and I can’t integrate it into my site.

    I think I’d get more activity on it if it were part of my own domain, and if the UI for adding /voting were even simpler than it is.

    Anyway, hope you find a way that works for you.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Scott! I’ve been thinking a bit more after I wrote this, and I think that for me there are two issues:

    • one is that I’m really an “impulse-blogger”: despite the impression some people tell me they get from my blog, I usually get pissed off (or enthusiastic) about something, spew out a few screenfulls of text, and hit publish. What I used to do with my “list of ideas” is that when I wanted to write something, I’d scan the list, and see if anything in it “set me off”, and start writing. Clearly, this doesn’t work too well with “pick the topic other people want to hear about on day X”.
    • the second is that once I’ve put the idea in slinkset, it’s public: and it kills some of the urge to write for me — as if most of the work was done (I know it’s not, but that’s obviously how my mind reacts)

    Maybe it’s just not that good an idea for me. On the other hand, I write a weekly column in French, and I’ve taken to asking people on Twitter what they’d like to hear about, and that seems to work. I guess because that column is in a more “ordered” space (stable audience, similar format, every Monday, etc…).

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