The Art of Removing One's Socks [en]

[fr] Comment enlever ses chaussettes de façon à ce qu'elles ne nous pourissent pas la vie quand on les sort de la lessive. Je ne plaisante pas, ça a été une révélation pour moi, même si c'est super simple: les enlever sans les retourner.

Amongst other life-saving tips I learned from hanging around on the Flylady site, I learned how to remove my socks. Now, don’t laugh — it has been a life-changing revelation for me. It’s a very simple obvious trick, and when I read about it I could have kicked myself for not having figured it out on my own, and as a result struggling with bunched-up socks in my laundry for the last 20 years.

I’m a sharing person, so here’s the tip, lifted directly from Flylady’s site (it’s #4 on this page):

[Robert] also taught me to take my socks off, right side out. LOL Push them down over your heels and then pull the toes. Poof your socks are right side out. No more having to turn socks after they are washed.

Now, I imagine you’re all going to tell me that you’ve done this all your life and you never have trouble with socks in laundry, but trust me, I did not. I would remove my socks as they came, inside-out, all rolled up, and wash them like that, and then have to struggle to unbunch them so they could hang up and dry.

It’s one of those very simple things that takes no effort (or almost) to do and makes life much easier for the future you. I’ve been implementing a lot of these “good habits” over the last year or so, but the sock thing is the one example that really sticks out for me, and represents the spirit of dealing with things now rather than later.

And as I remove my socks every day, I’m reminded of my new way of doing things every day.

4 thoughts on “The Art of Removing One's Socks [en]

  1. For me, it works better if I remove them in only one move, grabbing them at the heel, and pulling them on the fingers direction. You do have to stretch your feet.

  2. I learned this because I otherwise simply can’t take off my rather long and well-fitting socks that I wear when going for longer motorbike rides. After doing it that way, I (very unconciously) made it a habit for all socks I wear.

    Conversely, I bunch up socks before putting them on; two thumbs in them, then “spread them on” instead of pulling on the unbunched sock. Usually fits without adjustment.

  3. As you are getting wiser and wiser, could you perhaps help me to solve a never-ending problem. As a mother of 3, I have a basket in my laundry full of lonely socks. I have about 30 of them and it’s just impossible to find the socks nbr 2 in order to have a pair!!!
    Did the washing machine eat them (but why just one and not the pair?!)?
    Did the one-leg pirate came to steal them (as my little daughter told me one day!)?
    Were they desperately trying to reach the laundry basket when the vacuum cleaner captured them?
    Any other suggestions???
    I’ll probably invite all the neighbouring mothers for a huge Socks Exchange! We might be able to rebuild pairs!!! Let’s hope!!!

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