Something Strange [en]

[fr] Petit épisode étrange: pleine d'élan pour bloguer, je mets sur slinkset mes dernières idées d'articles, et pof! mon élan se casse la figure. Je n'ai pas tout à fait identifié ce qui s'était passé. (J'ai quand même blogué, hein.)

So, something strange happened to me a bit earlier. I went to bed yesterday with a huge drive to blog, ideas for articles, wrote them down in Evernote, got up this morning ready to blog, dealt with some domestic issues, and set to work.

Blogging drive intact.

Before I actually started writing, I decided that I would add my latest article ideas to the list on slinkset that people can add to or vote on. So I copy-pasted, went through my old post list to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything and… As soon as I had finished doing that, my blogging drive went *poof!* almost down to nothing.

Well, I didn’t bow down, picked a topic or two, and blogged happily — but still, I’m intrigued. What made my blogging drive deflate? I can think of two things:

  • taking the list from private to public
  • going through the complete list (overwhelming)

I thought I’d share this little episode with you to see if you had any insight, dear readers.

2 thoughts on “Something Strange [en]

  1. How strange indeed! I agree with you, and it’s puzzling. I’d really like to hear anyone’s insight about what can cause such a phenomenon, because actually I do share the very same predicament, pretty often.

  2. As soon as i tell anyone i’m going to do something, immediately after i don’t, all the will is gone: it’s like i’ve accomplished it because in their eyes i’ve accomplished it, or i’ve claimed to have… I relate it to a stage of constant lying when a child, i lied about everything, fantastical lies: i was amazed by my new secret power, if you told people they actually believed it and then, magically, it became true – in my head, somehow, it was half-true, half real, no longer entirely fake, because they believed me. This power intrigued me.
    I mean, i told the kids at school i lived in a castle etc – i was about 7.

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