A Month From Now: Ada Lovelace Day

[fr] Comme l'an dernier, je vous invite à prendre part à la journée Ada Lovelace, et à publier le 24 mars un article au sujet d'une femme digne d'admiration pour ses réalisations dans le domaine des sciences ou de la technologie (au sens large).

Nous avons besoin de votre aide pour atteindre le but que nous nous sommes fixés: 3072 y prenant part en 2010! Faites passer la nouvelle autour de vous, écrivez un article sur votre blog pour annoncer la journée Ada Lovelace, inscrivez-vous pour y participer et encouragez votre entourage à faire de même. Si tout le monde s'y met, on peut y arriver!

"Mais de qui vais-je bien pouvoir parler?" vous demandez-vous, surtout si vous avez déjà écrit un article l'an dernier. Pas de panique. Ce que l'on cherche, ce sont des femmes à donner en modèle, des femmes qui puissent inspirer ou influencer. Réfléchissez à votre parcours. Regardez autour de vous. La femme que vous mettrez en avant lors de la journée Ada Lovelace peut être célèbre ou non, vivante ou non, une autorité dans son domaine ou non... et vous pouvez même parler de plusieurs femmes, si en choisir une vous est difficile!

A month from now exactly, on March 24th, it will be Ada Lovelace Day. I urge you to sign the pledge to participate and to spread the word around you so that we can reach our ambitious target of 3072 bloggers writing about a female role-model in tech or science on that day.

There are many brilliant and inspiring women in the traditionally male-dominated scientific and technical fields who often do not get as much attention or “screen time” as they might deserve. This is a real shame, all the more because women need to see female role models more than men need to see male ones, as Suw Charman-Anderson, the initiator of Ada Lovelace Day, explains very well in last year’s kick-off post. Ada Lovelace Day is a direct solution to this, by inundating the blogosphere with posts about inspiring women over the space of a day.

I took part last year by writing a post in French about Marie Curie. Ada Lovelace Day 2009 was a big success, with around 2000 people participating, media attention, a comic which took on a life of its own to become The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace & Babbage and even a T-shirt, and the drive to organize Ada Lovelace Day 2010, complete with a higher target for people participating, and offline events.

We need your help to make this happen and reach our target of 3072 people participating. What can you do?

  • sign the pledge and blog about a woman in tech you admire on March 24th (please read the FAQ for more information about the why and how)
  • write about Ada Lovelace Day on your blog, and tweet about it to spread awareness
  • talk to the people around you: if you know any bloggers or influential people, ask them to participate too and spread the word
  • join the Ada Lovelace Day group on Facebook and invite your friends to join too
  • organize an offline event in your town!

I know that for many of you who think the event is a great idea and want to participate, the big question is “who should I blog about?” — particularly if you already took part last year. Here are a few thoughts to help you out:

  • you can write about any woman, be she alive or dead
  • the woman you choose to write about does not have to be famous — but she can
  • you can write about more than one woman if you like — or just about one
  • think of the women who have influenced or inspired you in some way or another throughout your life (teachers? family members? public figures? historical figures? friends? colleagues?)
  • “tech and science” is a pretty loose field, on purpose
  • if you are in the field of science or tech, look around you: are there women you know (or know of) who are not getting as much recognition as they would deserve?
  • your post doesn’t have to be about “the woman who most inspired me” or “my absolute top role-model, and she happens to be a woman” — go for “a woman who inspires me, or whom I admire”.

“Blog”, here, is shorthand for any kind of publication: video, podcast episode, web comic, newspaper column…

Thanks a lot for being part of Ada Lovelace Day!

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