Call For Screenshots: Facebook Privacy Settings [en]

I’m giving a workshop on Wednesday to a group of teachers on Facebook privacy settings. Of course, Facebook changed their privacy settings in December, so I’m having to scramble to get up to speed before giving the workshop. This is why I’m asking for your help.

I was pointed to an article about the new settings, but I’m sure there are other good ones out there: 10 New Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know — please leave links to articles you found useful in the comments.

The main thing I’d like to as your help for is that I’d like a little collection of examples of privacy settings — mainly to help me understand what settings people are using, and possibly as examples to show at the workshop. I will anonymise any identifying information like e-mail addresses etc which might appear in the screenshots, no fear! Here are links to the various pages I’d love to receive screenshots of, if you have a few minutes to indulge me (e-mail firstname dot lastname at gmail — you know what my name is, don’t you?):

Don’t feel like you have to send me screenshots of all of these if you think it’s a lot — anything more than nothing is great for me. If you want to explain why you use certain settings, I’d love to hear about it too (in the comments or by e-mail).

A huge thanks to those of you who’ll take a few minutes to provide me with material!

5 thoughts on “Call For Screenshots: Facebook Privacy Settings [en]

  1. I use face book as a friends networking site. My posts, friends, information etc are all kept available only to friends. I feel this site is a chance for me to vent, brag, laugh and cry with friends and not necessarily completely appropriate in a professional manner. I also therefore, discourage friendships with students until after they have graduated.

    I am still debating with myself and others the educational effectiveness of facebook compared with other social network tools like nings, wikis and blogs.

    Cheers, hope this helps.

  2. But is it reasonable to even expect that Facebook will have our privacy as a main concern (as opposed to their corporate earnings goals, or even the mad rush of developers to make code changes, regardless of whether that leaves a privacy gap)?

    I wonder if we should have a Facebook-style web application that we can install and have full control over in the same manner that we install WordPress so we can have full control over our blog as opposed to Blogspot.

  3. Clearly, we don’t expect them to have our interests at heart over their corporate goals. We’re not that naive — but they do have to pretend, to some extent, or there would be mass revolt 😉

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