Unbelievable: Twitter Hides Partial Conversations AGAIN [en]

This morning, I see a small notice on Twitter once I’ve logged in: they’ve done a “small settings update” involving @replies.

“Small settings update”? You have to be kidding me. What they’ve done is once again removed partial conversations (@replies from people you know to people you don’t know) from the stream. Yes, two years later (I wrote Twitter: We Love Our Partial Conversations in May 2007, and they fixed it soon after), they’ve done it again.

Given Twitter Support is all but nonexistant nowadays (another sad turn of things) please join us on this Get Satisfaction thread to express our disappointment at the removal of the possibility to read all @replies from our friends.

9 thoughts on “Unbelievable: Twitter Hides Partial Conversations AGAIN [en]

  1. Vivement que ce soit réglé, c’est pas super pratique cette histoire! En attendant, j’ai mis tous les Twitter RSS des gens que je follow dans Google Reader, comme ça je loupe plus rien. Déjà que des fois je loupais ce qui se disait la nuit! Maintenant je reçois tout.

  2. On the other hand, identi.ca does a better thing than showing all the messages from people you’re subscribed to: they even have an option to show all messages sent to you as a reply even from people you’re not subscribed to.

    Oh, and identi.ca talks with Jabber (thus Gtalk), another thing that twitter doesn’t do anymore either.

  3. Twitter shows you messages sent as a reply to you even from people you’re not following. That hasn’t changed.

    What has changed is that you don’t see replies to people that you’re not following from people that you’re following.

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