Solved Another MacBook Fan Problem! [en]

[fr] En recherchant la cause d'une trop grande activité du processeur (et donc du ventilateur) de son MacBook, ne pas oublier d'afficher "tous les processus" dans Activity Monitor. Sinon, on risque de rater MozyBackup, par exemple, qui a piqué une crise et décidé d'utiliser 99.6% du processeur...

Remember how happy I was after solving my print-queue-related MacBook fan problem? Well, for the last few days, my fan has been noisy again. I had a vague suspicion the noise coincided with when I reactivated my Mozy account and endeavoured the get my computer backed up again remotely. However, the fan remained noisy even when Mozy wasn’t uploading or being active.

A friend of mine dropped by on IM to help me troubleshoot. I went through Activity Monitor, sorted the processes by CPU, and closed off those that were using the most ressources — to no avail. The highest process on the list was using 4.5% of CPU ressources, and iStat Nano (a dashboard widget I heartily recommend) was still telling me my fan was running at around 6200rpm and my CPU temperature was approaching 70°C. I could also see that the graph depicting CPU activity was showing it pretty active overall.

I bit at loss over what to do next. Clicking around in iStat Nano, I noticed that at the top of the process list there was MozyBackup, using up 99.6% of my CPU! The reason this process didn’t appear in Activity Monitor was that I was filtering “My Processes” instead of viewing all processes, and MozyBackup was running as root.

Activity Monitor

I killed (force quit) MozyBackup, and it popped up again. I killed it again. And again. By that time, my friend had unearthed this article about Mozy Backup going crazy, where I learned that MozyBackup coming back from the dead was normal (it’s a feature).

Thankfully, once I’d killed MozyBackup a few times, it started behaving normally again, and as you can see on the screenshop posted above, it’s now happily backing up my data without squeezing all the ressources out of my poor old MacBook, which is now quiet again.

5 thoughts on “Solved Another MacBook Fan Problem! [en]

  1. I was doing a search for “macbook fan problems” and your blog came up and I’m so happy it did because you solved my fan problem too! My print manager was running at 97& CPU. Thanks so much!

  2. Im nearing despair! Ive been having fan noises so i went through the printer check then i checked my processes to no avail their was no printer ever installed and no pending jobs also nothing taking up mass resources so i opened the good ol mac book up to find nothing touching incorrectly not sure where to go from here any advice?

  3. I also did a search and was so pleased to find your pages! I downloaded that most helpful widget and discovered that Skype had been trying to shut down since last night. No wonder my Mac was unhappy! Thank you so much.

  4. Thanks! Mozy was the culprit on mine. Even though I’ve killed it a few times, every time it comes back I have the same problem. I am thinking about unistalling it once and for all.

  5. My fan has been driving me mad for months, I even took it to the store… THANK YOU!!!

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