Lift09 — Pascual Oriol [en]

(Enviu Innovation Lab)

We believe consumers are rational, and if we provide information to them, they will act accordingly. *steph-note: big mistake!!*

The future of sustainability is in the hands of entrepreneurial people. People with Wow! ideas. Innovative solutions for environmental or social issues, who have a great business case, the potential for scale or re-use, and challenge others to participate or be inspired.

– Nicolas Negroponte: OLPC. (If netbooks are in the market today, it’s thanks to the success of the OLPC)
– Qurrent: transform the way we are going to generate, distribute and consume energy
– Happy Shrimp Farm: using the excess heat from an electrical thingy (where they make electricity) to keep the shrimp warm
– Hybrid Tuk Tuk: reduce CO2 and increase driver’s income by making the tuktuk more efficient in fuel consumption
– sustainable dance club: sustainability to increase the experience of clubbing => generate energy through the floor (materials which generate electricity when squeezed).

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