Lift09 — Florence Devouard — Update on Wikimedia Foundation [en]

At the start, was difficult for the foundation (not enough money, etc).

During the last couple of years, has stabilized a lot — much better situation.  25 staff members, 350 servers, 8mio dollars budget, audited and located in San Francisco.

Nearly 25 local organizations involved. Got a grant to improve usability. Also a sum of money from the Mozilla Foundation for something around pushing video formats.


– 250 languages
– 11 mio articles
– 200 000 articles for 12 languages

Gone mainstream, so more vandalism

– bots who track “deceased” or words like that… annoying when people are announced dead and they aren’t, even if it’s for a few minutes
– flagged revisions: the visitor knows whether the page has been reviewed or is a “draft”; tested on the German wikipedia (there can be upto 21 days of backlog, bringing it down to 7 days). There is discussion to use the same system for the English wikipedia (roughly 60% in favour).
– approved wikipedians can “rate” articles

Wikisource: online archives

Idea: put an image of the book on part of a page, and the text opposite, so that the digitized version can be checked.


You can create your own book. Define title, chapters, using content from wikipedia.

**Wikimedia commons and images**

media repository created in 2004 => order posters of images in wikimedia commons (WikiPosters) — available initially in France.

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