Somesso: Opening Remarks (Arjen Strijker and Susan Kish) [en]

[fr] Mes notes de la conférence Somesso à Zurich.

I’m at the Somesso conference near Zurich today. Most of the usual suspects are here, and some others — about 50 people in the room at my last count. Wifi has just been made available to us, yay! (And it seems pretty quick, too.)

Somesso 06

I’ll be taking notes as I can during the day. As always, my notes run the risk of being imprecise or even outright wrong at times, but I do my best!

Arjen Strijker

Somesso 02 - Arjen Strijker

how can companies make best use of social media?

2 keynotes, then five companies will tell their story. Plan: 2/3rds speaking, 1/3rd questions.

Conference set up in less than five months.

Susan Kish

Somesso 05 - Susan Kish


Social media is fundamentally transformative (social is human, media has been here for hundreds of years) — some of the technologies we use have been able to transform the way we communicate. “When we change how we communicate, we fundamentally transform society.”


What is social media, and how is it being used? What works, and what doesn’t? What has long-term impact? How do we know it’s not just a fad?


Where will we be in 5-10 years? which technologies will still be there, and which will not?

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