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[fr] Voilà, j'ai une newsletter. Je la rédigerai en anglais et en français, et y parlerai principalement de mes activités professionnelles. Je vais certainement radoter, il faut vous y attendre -- mais seulement une à deux fois par mois. Je parlerai aussi des choses que je n'aborde pas dans ce blog. Pourquoi une newsletter? J'y ai longuement réfléchi et écrirai sans doute bien plus à ce sujet dans les semaines à venir.

Je suis curieuse. Quelle est votre réaction? Est-ce que vous vous inscririez à une telle newsletter? Je me réjouis de voir ce que va donner cette expérience.

Taking example on my friend Martin, I decided it was time I had my own newsletter. There’s a lot of thinking behind it which I’ll share here at some point (when I’m less in a hurry).

To answer a few questions:

  • I’ll publish a couple of newsletters per month
  • I’ll talk mainly about my professional life
  • Yes, I might ramble
  • I’ll talk about stuff you won’t find on the blog
  • Not everybody reads blogs, no
  • Yes, you can unsubscribe (it’s managed by Google Groups)
  • Nope, I won’t spam you or give out your e-mail address

If you want to subscribe you can do so using the box below.

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What’s your reaction to this? Would you sign up for such a newsletter, or not — and why?

I’m looking forward to seeing how this experiment goes.

6 thoughts on “Stephanie Has a Newsletter [en]

  1. Could it be inspired by Jason Calacanis' recent move? (without the whole “I'm leaving the blogosphere” drama-queen banter)

  2. Actually, no — I've been thinking of doing it since Going Solo Lausanne, approximately. The Going Solo newsletter showed me how useful e-mail still was. And it was mainly a chat with Martin that decided me. Now… maybe Jason was in the backdrop somewhere, who knows — but not that I'm aware.

    Different tools reach different audiences and encourage different voices. Blogs do not make e-mail obsolete, anymore than Twitter makes blogs obsolete. New tools redefine the space the old ones occupy, but don't eradicate them. That is what my panel at BlogTalk was about:

  3. Funny: I did a newsletter, serveal years ago, back when we thought a website was less/more personal than email (depends on who you thought your audience were for each medium). Then I began writing exactly the same on both, then definitely stopped with the rise of easy RSS tools.


  4. For me, the newsletter is much more intermittent than the blog. I try to write on CTTS more or less every day or every other day (at least every week — except when I take a break). If my newsletter becomes monthly I think that would be quite often enough (as of now, I just sent the third one out since September…

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