Going Solo is Tomorrow! [en]

[fr] Going Solo, c'est demain! Une vidéo et deux-trois pensées d'organisatrice.

Gosh. If I learnt one thing in my life, it’s that day go by and dates end up being “tomorrow”, and even “today” at some point. Going Solo is tomorrow — I have to pinch myself regularly to make sure I’m not dreaming.

You can still register online until tonight. Come to the Warm-Up Party this evening. I’m still wondering what to wear, worrying about a DHL package which reached Geneva yesterday morning but still hasn’t made it to my door, preparing to jot down some notes for what I’m going to say as the MC (and a panel moderator!) on the big day, wondering what “unpredictables” are going to crop up today (the last two days have been filled with them, big and small), remembering that I still have a bunch of Going Solo related photos to upload (maybe I’ll test the venue wifi with them)… Well, I’m busy.

And excited.

Thanks to all those of you who supported me these last months. I wouldn’t have made it this far without you.

Poster for Going Solo

5 thoughts on “Going Solo is Tomorrow! [en]

  1. Je pense qu’on peut déjà te féliciter pour l’organisation, et bon courage pour demain !

  2. Je ne peux qu’être admiratif devant la tâche que tu as accompli en montant cette conférence. Te connaissant, ce ne peut qu’être une réussite. J’espère que tu auras le temps d’en profiter plutôt que de courir partout 🙂 Bon courage, et ce soir pense bien à te reposer – et attention au conférence-blues du lendemain 😉

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