Print CSS Plugin (WordPress) Needs CSS Guru [en]

[fr] Un nouveau plugin, qui permet d'insérer automatiquement une feuille de style pour l'impression dans son blog WordPress.

La feuille de style que j'ai pondue étant bien pauvre, incomplète, et franchement pas terrible, l'aide d'un gourou CSS serait fort appréciée pour mettre à disposition une feuille de style pour impression qui soit jolie, conforme, et à un peu près universelle. Crédit sera donné, bien entendu. (C'est un anglicisme, ça?)

Right, here we go — another plugin. I noticed some time back that many WordPress themes were provided without a print stylesheet.

In my attempt to stop fiddling with my theme files, I dreamed up a simple little plugin that would add a link to a print stylesheet in the page header, and provide a simple, universal, print stylesheet that people could use.

Well, I’ve got half the work done, and it’s my new plugin Bunny’s Print CSS (zip, .phps. “Half the work” because it includes a sample stylesheet and links to it automatically in the theme header when activated, but the stylesheet is nowhere near “complete”, “universal”, “pretty”, or any other nice adjectives you’d like to find associated with a print stylesheet bundled in a plugin.

So, call to all you CSS gurus out there. Can you improve on my print.css? It would be nice if it were at least somewhat sandbox/kubrick compatible. Credit will be (loudly) given.

Now, aren’t there other plugins out there doing similar things? Not that many, at least in the plugin repository. MyCSS allows you to add custom theme-independant CSS to your blog. WP-Print creates a “printable version” of your blog (if I understood correctly, by creating a set of print-friendly pages).

6 thoughts on “Print CSS Plugin (WordPress) Needs CSS Guru [en]

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  2. Long time no talk with you – happy to see that when I come back to website making and fall in love with WordPress there I can climb to the stars once more. I used to pick hints on css and others from old site with great success and much learning.

    Swell little plugin and much desired. Here’s a first attempt at making the stylesheet compatible with K2 themes.

    At http:://
    (maybe you can remove that link from comment if you integrate)
    All done is to strip the two sidebars and the entry edit link.
    I strip the div#header too.
    I’m thinking that your site would look nicer with that too. Since there’s a table on your print it splits and gives a new page in Firefox. Maybe loosen up those tags a bit in your print.css, so it can split over pages and maybe remove the border?
    Text doesn’t flow around the similar box … that might be the problem. Maybe strip that in print CSS?
    I added a line for print version of cutline too, but didn’t error check that one too carefully.

    Maybe add one general “don’t print” class which people can use as an additional div in their themes?

    anyway – swell thinking to put the plugin out, add it to the wordpress plugins too!


  3. forgot to say yesterday – your zip for this plugin is empty. Only has the folder. tgz is good though.

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