WordPress Sandbox Theme Problems [en]

[fr] Deux problèmes avec Sandbox: les menus déroulants qui se déroulent décalés sur la droite dans IE, et l'absence de feuille de style pour l'impression. Toute aide bienvenue.

As you might have seen, Sandbox is now my theme of choice for WordPress. Diurnal, here on CTTS, is built upon Sandbox, and I’m using it with a client to build a new design from scratch. It’s a nice base to work from, in a CSS Zen Garden way.

However, there are problems. Here are two I’m stuck with on my client site. I posted them to the Sandbox forums, but I thought I’d mention them here in case one of you smart readers had an answer.

  1. No print stylesheet?: does anybody have a print stylesheet handy for use with Sandbox? If I can avoid writing one from scratch…
  2. Broken drop-down menus in IE: I’m far from a drop-down menu specialist, so I’m not sure where to start to fix the IE wonkiness I’ve noticed. The menus in IE do not drop right below the parent menu as shown here, but overlap on the neighbouring menu item on the right.

Thanks for any help or pointers you can bring me.

6 thoughts on “WordPress Sandbox Theme Problems [en]

  1. Des menus déroulants sur ton site? J’ai du râté quelque chose! Je ne les vois pas non plus sous Firefox, ou alors : où sont-ils dissimulés?

  2. Très bon choix sandbox, cela faisait un bail que je n’étais pas passé par ici… Moi aussi j’ai fait une mise à jour Sandbox et cela fonctionne nickel.

    Bon courage

  3. I believe the Blueprint CSS framework has a print stylesheet ripe for adapting to Sandbox. You might try that.

  4. If I understand you correctly, I used this bit of css to make the drop down menus go vertical instead of horizontal:

    div#menu ul ul li {float:none;}

    I had that problem in IE and Firefox. Or, did you mean to move the placement of the whole dropdown? Have a screenshot of the problem?

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