Fresh Lime Soda Episodes 8 & 9 [en]

[fr] Deux épisodes de notre podcast Fresh Lime Soda que vous avez peut-être ratés.

Whoops. Unless you’re directly subscribed to [Fresh Lime Soda](, the podcast (audio, video, depending on the circumstances) I co-host with my friend [Suw Charman](, you have probably missed [episode 9, FoWA and Lace](, as well as [episode 8, What on Earth is Mornington Crescent](

Yup, they’re not fresh from yesterday either. Busy schedules for both Suw and I, but keep your fingers crossed, we have a recording date for the next episode set mid-January.

If you haven’t clicked on the links above, let me bring you the podcasts to your doorstep. First, [episode 8](, which is audio:

  • video is easier and more entertaining
  • what the heck is this Mornington Crescent thing? (the game on Twitter, blogged by Suw and Lloyd)
  • delusions of privacy: private and public Twitter feeds; ORG-discuss mailing-list archives
  • permanence of digital media (teenagers, adults, and nekkid pics!)
  • “breaking down the walls between the silos of our lives”: Facebook as a business networking service?
  • social network fatigue and contact groups (note, though, this feature has been announced for Facebook) since we discussed this; we need Structured Portable Social Networks
  • centralizing e-mail in GMail and multiple inboxes (Suw might like Xobni)
  • the psychology of e-mail: subtle differences between “inbox” and “archive” (and a sprinkle of GTD — check Merlin Mann’s Google Tech Talk about e-mail)
  • what will I do tomorrow? Suw’s “campaign to get more done” and Steph’s nine to twelve
  • keeping track of time whilst watching Sky News and answering e-mails

You may download the MP3 of Fresh Lime Soda, Episode 8 or listen to it using the player below. (15Mb, 44min)

Second, [episode 9]( (video!):

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