Focus Page on Experiential Marketing [en]

[fr] Une page sur le marketing expérientiel, en anglais seulement j'en ai peur. Feedback bienvenu.

There, here we go. I’ve written up a page on [Experiential Marketing](/focus/experiential-marketing/) for my new [Focus](/focus/) section. Feedback, ideas, reactions, etc… all welcome here in the comments.

And please, don’t hesitate to be critical if you think it’s required. Just stay constructive — thanks.

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4 thoughts on “Focus Page on Experiential Marketing [en]

  1. Steph – bold move! Don the flak jacket … you might need it.

    I think your problem may be this: your current set of readers will see this as a change of direction, and may not continue with you. If you set up another blog for the experiential marketing, not all of your current “audience” will follow you there. Both of these outcomes affects your marketability and the value of your offering. At the moment you are making money (hopefully) “because” of your blog, not “with” it – the marketing effort will need to be approached carefully so as not to disrupt the normal flow of posting, and will have to be restricted so it doesn’t overwhelm your current style of posting – a delicate balance perhaps, and you should set your pricing with that scarcity value in mind.

    Can you “pilot” this – a trial period with a graceful exit strategy if required?

  2. I realised I might be misunderstood. This isn’t a change of direction — I’m just trying to formalize a little stuff that I do/want to do with clients.

  3. you have help me in my analysis on what experential marketing is all about

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