Blogopen in Novi Sad, Serbia [en]

[fr] Je suis allée en Serbie donner une conférence sur "être une consultante en blogs" lors du festival "Blogopen" qui a eu lieu samedi à Novi Sad. La conférence s'est extrêmement bien passée, mais n'a malheureusement pas été enregistrée. Les retours ont été assez incroyables, au point que c'était presque pas forcément évident à gérer.

For the last few days I’ve been getting weird digital looks on IM and IRC. You’re in Serbia? What on earth are you doing there?

Simple answer: I came here to give a talk during Blogopen. A few months ago I was contacted by Tatjana Vehovec. Pedja Puselja, a popular Serbian blogger living in Strasbourg, had recommended me as a speaker. Well, past the initial surprise, I happily accepted. That’s how, Saturday just past, I ended up giving a talk on what it is to be a “Blogging Consultant” to a room full of Serbian bloggers and other interested people.

Those of you who give talks regularly know that all “performances” are not equal. I’m happy to say this was a good one. (I was quite happy with the one I gave at Web2Open too, come to think of it.) It was streamed live on by Pedja, but unfortunately (and to my great frustration) it was not recorded. (Had I known it would be broadcast, I would have let you know…) I really need to remember to organise recording for future speaking engagements.

But then… wow, the feedback I got was almost overwhelming. At least three people came up to me saying my talk had really inspired them. A publisher in the room asked me if I would write a guide to being a “blogging consultant”, which would be translated into Serbian. I had put what was left of my Moo cards on the table, thinking a dozen or so people would take one — they all disappeared. I got interviewed on Croatian national TV (the journalist was very nice and promised to send me a copy of the raw interview — I hope he does, because I was very happy with it and would like to be able to show it to you).

Basically, I felt like a superstar or an extraterrestrial which had just descended on planet earth. A very mixed feeling, I have to say — somewhat pleasant, but mainly disturbing to me. I felt like it created a huge distance between me and other people. Hence my use of “overwhelming” to try and describe it. I was very very happy to have my lovely host Sanja by my side during that day. (I’ll write more about that in another post.)

8 thoughts on “Blogopen in Novi Sad, Serbia [en]

  1. Wow!

    I’m happy for you Stephanie!
    You know what? I think you are an enthusiast! You love what you are doing and people that attend your sessions see it, so the result can’t be nothing else but positive,

    without passion there’s nothing..

    Well done Stephanie!


  2. I am very happy to have you in Novi Sad (Serbia) at BlogOpen conference. You were highlight of the meeting. Your speech was full of energy, inspiration and good vibrations. Reading the rest of impressions in Serbian blogosphere, I can tell you that everybody shares may impression.

    See you again, once again, somewhere and somehow.

  3. Stephanie,

    I was at BlogOpen and I must say yours was the best talk of the day, I really enjoyed it

    It was really interresting to hear real life stories how people in developed countries understand and use Internet. We can only hope to catch up with you soon

    Also, your story certainly made some people rethink their life and choise of jobs

    I wish you the best and hope to see you again in Serbia 🙂

  4. @Stephanie,

    tnx for very interesting speech! And I ma so got interviewed on Croatian national TV, but I’m not sure that this interview will be published 🙁

    Mfg 😉

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