Satisfaction Looks Neat [en]

[fr] Un outil de "customer care" qui permet d'une part aux "clients" de s'entre-aider, et au personnel de participer à la conversation. Ça semble vraiment pas mal! Quelques petits problèmes après 20 minutes d'utilisation.

I read about [Satisfaction]( yesterday somewhere and saw it again today [in Brian Oberkirch’s blog]( I went to [sign up]( and [give it a quick toss around]( Here are the first screenshots.

The nice thing is that as this is a support tool, I used it to [record the problems I bumped in]( too.

Satisfaction: submitting a problem_idea_question_chat

I think it’s a pretty neat tool and I’m going to use it in future when I bump into problems, in addition to [posting them to Flickr with Skitch]( It’s community-based support, but with an option for company employees to participate with a “label” that identifies them as staff.

The first thing that annoyed me was that I had trouble finding where to change my profile photo. I clicked on “Account” and expected to find something there, but in fact it’s under “Dashboard”.

Satisfaction -- change image

Here is [the topic I created about this problem](

Next issue, a rather important workflow/design flaw:

Recently active topics in Satisfaction Unlimited about Satisfaction Beta Release

I was a bit wordy in [explaining it]( (early Sunday morning here), but I hope this makes sense:

> Ideally, when fill in the first “chatbox”, I’m going to want to check out the links before saying “not quite right, want to add details and submit”.

> Unfortunately, once I’ve done that, it seems I can’t come back to the page with the link inviting me to “add details and submit”.

> That doesn’t encourage me to click the links and check out first! It encourages me to go straight to “add details and submit”.

> So, if those links are really expected to be useful, encourage me to click on them by providing the “add details and submit” form on them too.

Last but not least:

Get Satisfaction: two gripes

1. If you’re telling me that I’m set to receive e-mail updates, that’s really nice of you — but it would be even nicer to give me a link to where to change it.
2. Please, please, please. [Space-separated tags]( At least support them. I’ve talked about this [elsewhere]( (and before, too, but I can’t remember when or where). It breaks the current input model we’re used to (, Flickr…). It makes us type an extra character.

Go try out Satisfaction!

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2 thoughts on “Satisfaction Looks Neat [en]

  1. Yay, user feedback! I have to say, Stephanie, that you are every app developer’s dream user. This is great, actionable feedback, and with annotated screenshots, no less! (A special shout-out to Skitch for making, marking and uploading screenshots a joy)

    We’re working on fixes for most of these things. Adding space-separated tag input is a new item that we’ll definitely be looking at. I’ve been having this either-or debate around commas and spaces for almost three years, so I’m a big fan of the “all of the above” option.

    Stay in touch.

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