Another RSI Break [en]

[fr] Vilain accès de TMS. Utilisez le téléphone ou skype si je dois vous répondre. Le Dragon est en panne, je serai de retour une fois qu'il sera réparé.

This post will be brief, obviously: I’m suffering from another very bad bout of RSI (with a proper tendonitis in my right arm, it seems).

To top it all, my dictation system has broken down (maybe just a dead microphone, hopefully). Basically, I’m mute. Think “losing one’s voice” or “having to spell words out rather than speak” to get an idea.

So, skype or call if I need to answer. I can read, though.

Will be back when things calm down or the Dragon starts working again.

4 thoughts on “Another RSI Break [en]

  1. I suffered from the same, and my Ortopedist recomended surgery. Other doctor, told me to by a TENS machine that gave me electronic stimulation to the hand and arm (elbow included) and since then, no big trouble at all…

  2. Stephanie, I had tendonitis quite bad last year. When I looked into surgery I realized that not much can really be done. The problem, I was told, had to do with muscles that were too tight. A colleague told me about the RSI program ‘Desk Doctor’ ( This has proved to be the most effective thing yet. My tendonitis is under control now. It’s quite fun to use as well.

  3. Stephanie, Maria Clara (ma femme) ressens et souffre de tendonitis pensons nous. Le diagnostique n’est pas sur. J’ai pris note de sur l’un des commentaires que vous avez reçu.
    Je vous souhaite une bonne recuperation. Saluations/Filipe27

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