Time to Leave San Francisco [en]

[fr] Il est bientôt temps pour moi de quitter San Francisco! Départ dimanche en fin d'après-midi, et arrivée lundi dans la journée en Suisse.

There we are. Five weeks have flown by, and it’s time to start packing my possessions to leave San Francisco. I stopped at a clearance place this morning for some last-minute shopping — oh my god! dresses (fancy, cocktail or party) for $29, skirts for $12… I’m afraid I went a bit overboard. I’ll have to do some serious cupboard-emptying when I get home.

An Afternoon in San Francisco 1

If you want to say goodbye (or hi!) to me before I leave (assuming you’re not going to be at WordCamp tomorrow please come and join us for some Chaat from 7pm to 10pm (or maybe earlier if we decide to move to Taylor’s Refresher where the WordCamp people will be — I know it’s a bit of a clash). We should be about a dozen people or so — a human-sized gathering.

Thanks to everybody who contributed to make my stay here pleasant. I really had a nice time. I regret not having the time to see everybody or do everything — life tends to be like that for me. I guess it means I’ll have to come again.

I have to say, though, that I’m looking forward to seeing Bagha again — and my beloved Lausanne.

Update: I guess nobody will be surprised by this, but we will use Stowe’s “bank” system to settle the bill. Please bring some cash as it makes things more practical.

2 thoughts on “Time to Leave San Francisco [en]

  1. Hey Stephanie,

    Chaat Cafe is a ‘order at the cash register before you sit’ restaurant, so everyone will probably be able to pay for their own.

  2. I thought so too but asked when I made the reservation. They said they’d take orders at the table and give us a common bill.

    Maybe noon/dinner are different?

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