I Photowalked on Haight Street [en]

[fr] Je suis allée faire un "photowalk", c'est-à-dire une promenade-réunion dont l'objectif est de se balader en prenant des photos. Voici quelques photos que j'ai prises et que j'aime bien. Je crois qu'il faut qu'on organise quelque chose de similaire à Lausanne. Qui est partant?

Friday evening I met up with a bunch of people to go photowalking in Haight Street. A photowalk is simply an occasion to stroll around and take photos in the company of other nice people. I think we need to start organizing things like this in Lausanne — anybody interested?

Here are some of the photos I took.

Photowalking 11 in Haight 80

Photowalking 11 in Haight 77

Photowalking 11 in Haight 63

Photowalking 11 in Haight 46

Photowalking 11 in Haight 61

Photowalking 11 in Haight 34

Photowalking 11 in Haight 22

Photowalking 11 in Haight 8

Photowalking 11 in Haight 43

Photowalking 11 in Haight 10

Photowalking 11 in Haight 17

Photowalking 11 in Haight 87

Photowalking 11 in Haight 91

Search for photos from this photowalk on Flickr and on Zooomr.

I might add links to other participants’ sets/photos/blogs later, if I have the courage.

11 thoughts on “I Photowalked on Haight Street [en]

  1. Hi Stephanie, I have enjoyed meeting you on Photowalking 11, despite briefly as well as looking at the photos you took that day on Zooomr. Hope to see you on WordCamp 07 next month. Cheers!

  2. Je pense qu’on pourrait faire quelque chose de lémanique? Lausanne une fois, Vevey, Evian, Genève, le Lavaux, la Côte… et explorer comme ça?

  3. Hi Stephanie,

    Great idea, hope you don’t mind…but I’m totally stealing it. I’m organizing the first photowalk in Minneapolis, MN, USA July 26th. I might throw in a few pub stops along the way to make things interesting 🙂

    I’ll drop you the Flickr link post event.


  4. Hey Herb — I doubt anybody would say anything to you for wanting to organize a photowalking event. For what it’s worth, this isn’t my idea – I just participated in this one.

  5. Le concept est très tentant. Je suis partant. Lausanne, Vevey ou ailleurs en Suisse romande…
    J’en profite pour t’envoyer mes meilleurs messages (ça fait trop longtemps que je n’ai pas eu l’occasion de la faire, honte à moi… ). Amitiés

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