Reboot9 — Marko Ahtisaari: Attention! On the Near Future of Marketing [en]

*Here are my notes, unedited and possibly misleading, blah blah blah, of the Reboot9 conference.*

Blyk. Open marketing. Not pushing Blyk, but this is the example he knows best.

1. Interruption culture
2. Traditional marketing/media
3. Software as service
4. Small advertisers
5. Interruption vs. conversation
6. Open marketing

Marko Ahtisaari

*steph-note: didn’t get the last ones*

Is media a unique place to interrupt? How about interruptions in conversations? Linda Stone anecdote with crackberries: checking e-mail all the time, then want to go to the bedroom and have sex immediately. (Their wives’ points of view: not really.)

Traditional media is funded by a mixture of models. The mainstream media is starting to acknowledge the conversation (cf. Time’s person of the year.)

*steph-note: je décroche… and some code-switching in there while we’re at it.*

Service marketing: if the service itself is interesting, people will talk about it. If possible, make your product or service distributable (open distribution).

Use of mobile phones by teens:

1. look at the clock
2. text
3. call

*steph-note: sorry, real crappy notes.*

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