Reboot9 — Jeremy Keith: Soul [en]

Here are my notes, unedited and possibly misleading, blah blah blah, of the Reboot9 conference.

Book: “Dragons of Eden” speculations about human intelligence. Knocking down theories one by one. We aren’t actually that unique.

Soul: huge topic, since days of old. Weighing the soul. (Weigh the person at time of death: 21 grammes. Probably water vapour, but still…)

Jeremy Keith: Soul

100 bio neurons in the human brain. But we can’t say what the number of links on the web is.

Definition of soul that Jeremy likes: “the story we tell ourselves”. Right hemisphere. Introverted consciousness: thinking about who we are. Maybe this is what makes us human.

Language doesn’t make us unique. Naming things in the world gives us a certain kind of power. Singing the world into existence. Naming the demon to control it.

JK’s blog: Adactio — then, on Flickr,, => fragmentation (not a feeling JK likes steph-note: I don’t like it either!). Created to collect all these pieces of himself in one place (a bit geeky…)

Narrative. Telling the story of oneself to the world — and to oneself (introspection). Blogs posts, tweets, songs, photos, links… All these elements have timestamps. RSS. Lifestream! There is a blog about lifestreams steph-note: URL, anybody? Jaiku pretty good to pull all these things together.

But RSS and lifestreams are short-term. How do we get a long-term narrative? Check out

People discarding archives: shame! Denying your past in a way. steph-note: I agree, hate that too. Who I am in the present is the result of my past.

We are attached to physical objects (cars, computers, mobile phones…).

Gaming is an important part of narrative (playing…).

Social networks are all walled gardens. They give access to data, but not to the relationships. Necessary to recreate all my relationships when I sign up to a new social network.

steph-note: related post of mine is Please Make Holes in My Buckets!

How can we tackle this? the rel attribute, particularly when used to describe relationships to anchors. XFN microformat.

steph-note: problem is that the relationships are public, seems to me. related post of mine is Groups, Groupings and Taming My Buddy List

steph-note: time for my talk is coming up, not very concentrated on the end of this one I’m afraid…

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  1. Great presentation. I love that people are talking about the ‘soul.’

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