Video: BBC Interview (Teenagers, Facebook) [en]

[fr] Une interview que je viens de donner à la BBC sur les parents qui jouent aux détectives privés pour "surveiller" leurs adolescents sur internet. Dialogue, dialogue!

I was contacted this morning (thanks, Suw!) to appear in a short interview on the BBC News, about how parents are increasingly signing up to social networking sites like Friendster to “stalk” their kids online.

Here’s the little video segment of my interview:

(Thanks to Euan for the video, and to the BBC folks for sending me a copy too — though it arrived later and I used Euan’s here.)

For those of you interested in the whole “online predator issue is overblown” thing, I urge you to read Just The Facts About Online Youth Victimization by danah boyd, and in particular what David Finkelhor has to say at the beginning of his presentation (numbers! numbers!) about how the general ideas the public has about online predators have little to do with reality.

And talking of videos, episode 6 of Fresh Lime Soda (video!) is online at

18 thoughts on “Video: BBC Interview (Teenagers, Facebook) [en]

  1. Congratulations! That was a great, articulate interview. 😎 Hope a lot of parents got to watch it.

  2. I tuned in via the website (having seen your tweets) and thought you handled the questions very well – the whole thing about the overblown victimisation was bound to provoke a challenge from the interviewer and you gave a good answer.

    Looking forward to watching your presentation tips later, can’t really watch the video right now – but the audio episode 5 of FLS was good, caught that at the weekend. Keep it up! 🙂

  3. Good point about distinction between blogs, where parents have every right to go along with rest of the public, and more private places. Strong interview, and good recent podcast–particularly valued the point about training ourselves in new habits (e.g., check e-mail once a half hour) as opposed to blanket condemnation of current habits and vague vows to reform. –Len from Denver (LenEdgerly on Twitter)

  4. There are much more effective ways to stalk on your kids…
    (pyscho music).

    Nice to hear your voice 🙂

  5. Great interview Stephanie! I think parents need to talk with their kids about the dangers of being online. I agree that sneaking onto these social networking sites is not the best way to monitor children. There are plenty of sites out there that can help to give parents better ideas on keeping their kids safer. I know is a great educational site for people looking for ways to keep their kids safer while online. Parents can email any questions they have to this site, and real people respond with personalized answers. The most important part is that parents stay actively involved in the kid’s lives. If they have a strong relationship, is much easier to discuss important issues such as internet safety.

  6. I wish they had given more time to explore these question in depth, and you did very well given the time constraint.

    Now, it’s just completely distasteful of them to switch over to the 16-year-old stabbed in Blackpool story straight after. Tut tut, BBC, you should know better than to manipulate audience’s emotional view points on issues like this.

  7. OMG a star is born. Congrats! Very nice interview and I agree with your comments. How different was it being interviewed on the BBC to the TSR or was it more or less identical?

  8. Graham–

    TSR: lots of make-up, lots of waiting (except the short thing for the news which was filmed out-of-studio, which just involved lots of waiting and re-shooting, but no make-up), taxi to take me back to the station

    BBC: taxi to take me to the studios and back to my hotel, just a few minutes of waiting, no make-up, over in a flash

  9. thanks for your “trackback” 😉 I read your quotes about this subject with real pleasure and interest, as I’m feeling really concerned as a dad of two future geek boys who are already internet users, and your point of view really “speak” to me, because it’s exactly what I’m thinking too, and this little voice is hard to be heard to other parents

    do you still organize events in schools to meet parents and/or teachers ?

  10. Hurrah! Excellent!

    I agree with Miss Troeth (hi!) with respect to the sentiment that they didn’t give you much time.

    Here’s to hoping that someone, somehow will be given a solid platform from which the less clueful parents (and does that mean most of them?) can be given trustworthy guidance on how to best approach the facts of their kids’ net use.

    (I was amused by the way the presenter deflated when you explained that the grownups-in-kids-clothing class of online predators gets disproportionate attention. Teehee.)

  11. Congrats on the BBC coverage and thanks for putting the link in your Twitter stream as I saw it there since I follow your stream. The whole subject is quite an interesting one as for so many parents sites like Facebook are quite a great unknown.

    Dan York

  12. follow up to my article : one friend of mine will use this video as a video support for an english course in a clermont ferrand school 😉

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