MindMeister: Google Docs-Style Mind Mapping [en]

[fr] MindMeister est un logiciel de mind-mapping (comme FreeMind ou Mind Manager) en ligne, à la Google Docs. J'ai des invitations si vous désirez essayer. On peut collaborer sur des documents à plusieurs et les publier sur le web.

A quickie before I head out to write more hopefully useful stuff for teenagers: my friend Gabriel sent me an invitation to MindMeister, an online mind-mapping service. Actually, I almost spammed it, but luckily had a closer look just in time.

Sign up is nice and easy, I was able to import a mindmap from Freemind in three effortless clicks, and the whole interface is very Google Docs-like. If you like Google Docs and have use for mind mapping (you should!), then you’ll probably like MindMeister. It’s still a little green, of course, but trust me — this is screaming for an acquisition 🙂

You can of course collaborate on mind maps and share them with the public (I just did that with the very ugly brainstorming related to my reboot talk proposal). They autosave, so you don’t have to worry about losing your work (like I almost did — again! — with this blog post). You can also export to Mind Manager or FreeMind, of course (guys, you need to make your permalinks more visible in the blog; I had to go through the RSS feed to find that one).

Interested? It’s a closed beta, but I have invites. Just ask!

5 thoughts on “MindMeister: Google Docs-Style Mind Mapping [en]

  1. Looks great to me. I would be particularly interested in the collaborative aspects of mindmapping. Being able to work together à la GoggleDocs so to speak is promising. I’ve been waiting to see what Google are going to do with JotSpot but it’s turning into a long wait … 🙁

    If you have a spare invite I would love one.

  2. Update…

    I like it and it works well. Import of some of my maps from MM6 worked without a hitch. I haven’t tried importing from Freemind. Thanks!

  3. Do you know if Mind Meister can import Maps from Buzan’s iMindMap? I have had a dig around their site and can’t find any reference to it. I wondered if you as an “insider” could shed some light on that.



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