Kitty Pic Caption Contest [en]

[fr] Photos de chats cherchent légendes.

It’s no secret for anybody that I have a thing for cats, and from what one can see on the internet, I’m not alone. [Twitter loves cats](, for example. My friend Sarah and I nearly laughed till we cried looking through [The Cat Page]( last night. Oh, and don’t forget [Dunecat](, [Pursecat]( or [Bedcat](

Anyway, I took a couple of pictures of Bagha yesterday which clearly deserve captions.



Inspired? Post your captions in the comments, and let’s have a laugh.

PS: a couple of [these]( (like the [DVD one]( probably deserve captions too… take your pick!

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5 thoughts on “Kitty Pic Caption Contest [en]

  1. Photo 2: “J’ai voulu attirer son attention en m’installant dans son trieur mais il n’est pas 2.0 alors ça fait une semaine que j’attends…”

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