My Heritage Celebrity Collage and Tumblr [en]

[fr] My Heritage Celebrity Collage prend une de vos photos et cherche à quelles célébrités vous ressemblez. Tumblr est un endroit où bloguer, mais style "degré zéro du blog".

While I was [waiting for Dreamhost to give me back CTTS]( so that I could finally post [On the Road to Being a Healthier Geek](, both [Facebook]( and [Google Reader]( offered me new toys to try out. I guess I’m [a joiner]( too — I spend my time signing up for things.

#### [My Heritage Celebrity Collage](

This one is [Francesca’s fault]( It’s a photo recognition thing that will analyse a photo of you and match it to celebrity photos.

**What I liked**

* sign-up without a glitch
* allows me to [upload a photo by URL]( (yesss!)
* allows direct posting to FaceBook
* saves my collages silently

**What I liked less**

* finding guys in my celebrity lookalikes (yeah, I know)
* default “spam all your friends with this” when posting to FaceBook
* [ugly album URLs](

About the quality of recognition itself: it seems that things like hairstyle, face inclination, etc. have quite a lot of impact on who you’ll be matched to. I tried three different photos, and got three different sets of faces. (I’ve been told at times I bear some resemblence to Reese Witherspoon, Tilda Swindon, Nicole Kidman, or Sandrine Kiberlain — but never any of the names I saw in the collages. The names are gone now, but I’ll let you judge.)

#### [Tumblr](

OMG, the fragmentation of the online self! The disappearance of the letter “e” in the web2.0 world! What shall we do?

Seriously, Tumblr has some interestingness to it. It aims at what I call “zero-level blogging” (*le degré zéro du blog*) — something I know I tend to use [Twitter]( for at times. I’ve been using Facebook for that too, and my [Cheese Sandwich Weblog](

**What I liked**

* easy sign-up (that’s always good)
* I can make it [pink](
* bookmarklet (like Facebook) to share stuff on my Tumblelog

**What I liked less**

* [failing to post a Flickr photo](
* ew! no permalink to the post besides through the admin interface!
* yet another space of mine to manage…

If this continues, I won’t just be [blogging about the need for integration of my online presence](, I’ll be screaming. Be warned.

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2 thoughts on “My Heritage Celebrity Collage and Tumblr [en]

  1. Hey Stephanie. Just wanted to thank you for the kind write-up on Tumblr.

    The Flickr issues you mentioned were reported and are scheduled to be patched tomorrow. looks great, btw! Thanks for using Tumblr!

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