Some Notes of Florence Devouard’s LIFT Talk (Wikipedia)

My unedited notes of the talk, may be inaccurate. Check out Bruno’s notes too, they look more complete.

What is the big picture of wikipedia?

Florence Devouard, Wikipedia

  • First barrier to remove: languages. 250 languages. Some of these languages have no encyclopedia outside wikipedia.
  • Free of charge (to read, to re-use)
  • Created by you… her — problem: not everybody has a computer

In the top10 most visited websites in the world.

Collect local, collect global.

L’Encyclopédie de Diderot et D’Alembert: had a political purpose, changed society, and played a role in the French Revolution.


  • unlimited space
  • no restraints to information sharing

NPOV (neutral point of view): informing rather than manipulating.

Empowering people. People recognised as sources of information. (! panicked people e-mailing “I don’t know what happened, I clicked on something, and I can edit the website!” — not a bug, it’s a features)

Wikipedia: a priori trust. Open the gates rather than close them. This is your website, your responsability.

Gift economy.

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