Some Notes of Florence Devouard's LIFT Talk (Wikipedia) [en]

***My unedited notes of the talk, may be inaccurate.*** Check out [Bruno’s notes]( too, they look more complete.

What is the big picture of wikipedia?

Florence Devouard, Wikipedia

– First barrier to remove: languages. 250 languages. Some of these languages have no encyclopedia outside wikipedia.
– Free of charge (to read, to re-use)
– Created by you… her — problem: not everybody has a computer

In the top10 most visited websites in the world.

Collect local, collect global.

L’Encyclopédie de Diderot et D’Alembert: had a political purpose, changed society, and played a role in the French Revolution.


– unlimited space
– no restraints to information sharing

NPOV (neutral point of view): informing rather than manipulating.

Empowering people. People recognised as sources of information. (! panicked people e-mailing “I don’t know what happened, I clicked on something, and I can edit the website!” — not a bug, it’s a features)

Wikipedia: a priori trust. Open the gates rather than close them. This is *your* website, *your* responsability.

Gift economy.

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