WordPress DreamHost WiFi Arghl! [en]

[fr] Rah! que de problèmes.

Somebody please tie me up before I start screaming or kill somebody. I can’t stay connected to the wifi network here more than a few minutes. Dreamhost aren’t responding to my support tickets (we’re way past the 24 hour response time). This site (CTTS) is “working” (meaning, it displays more or less, and I can access the admin area and post and do stuff I normally expect to do on a blog). Another of my sites (client site behind password), which is also WordPress, which I transferred the same way (dump database, rsync files, import database) vaguely displays at times, lets me in the admin area, but doesn’t let me do anything once I’m in there (dashboard only).

Add to that I’m not really enthusiastic about the title of the panel I’m on, but unfortunately I don’t have anything better to offer.


5 thoughts on “WordPress DreamHost WiFi Arghl! [en]

  1. do you see this error message on the frontpage from where you are ?

    Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /home/.kolumbus/sbooth/climbtothestars.org/wp/wp-content/plugins/widgets/widgets.php on line 829

  2. WiFi connection seems variable across the hall. Where I’m sitting (front righht, looking from the back, front left from the stage you are on right now…) seems fine. I’ve been connected all day.

    And you’re right about the panel title. Distinct lack of enthsiasm from the audience for the issue…

  3. definitely. They are all server-side problems. But at least here they aren’t preventing the blog from “functioning”. On the other site they are.

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