Google Calendar Down in Flock? [en]

[fr] Google calendar ne semble plus marcher pour moi depuis un jour ou deux. Flock/Firefox. Et vous?

I haven’t been able to view my Google calendar in Flock (or Firefox, for that matter) for the last day or two. Anybody got the same problem? Known issue? I just get a blank page.

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9 thoughts on “Google Calendar Down in Flock? [en]

  1. same thing for me, but it’s been working for me for the past 5 days and stopped working three weeks before that… too many beta problems?

  2. Hi Stephanie,

    This is a dumb question, but how did you get your monthly archives to be a dropdown menu rather than the long list I have on my page? Please email me the answer;-)


  3. Oh, interesting. When I click an e-mail link and Gmail tries to open a “new message” tab for me, it doesn’t work either.

    Adad: it’s a sidebar widget.

  4. OK, totally weird. Calendar problem is back, but also, I can’t log out of GMail on either Firefox or Flock. I click the logout button and then get the white screen. Can’t get anything else until I shut down the browser, and then I’m still logged in when I re-open it.

    Similar problems, anyone?

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