Short Post-SHiFT Note [en]

[fr] SHiFT est terminé. Blogtalk commence.

SHiFT was really nice. Interesting things, writer’s overflow, but not writing. Check out [Suw](’s notes on [Strange Attractor]( talks by [Dannie Jost](, [Stowe Boyd](, [Martin Röll](, [Kevin Cheng](, [Euan Semple](

Suw’s talk was great, I’ve finally understood what [ORG]( is about — and a bit worried about the situation in Switzerland.

Kudos to the SHiFT team for being so proactive in asking us for feedback during the closing party. Conference organisers everywhere, geek girls would like girly-shaped T-shirts, please! (Reaction to men-shaped T-shirts, however cool: oh, good, another one to sleep in.)

Many things not mentioned. My apologies.

I’m in Vienna now, with a cold, for [Blogtalk reloaded]( Looking forward to talking with [John Breslin]( tomorrow, and hoping to get a chance to catch [danah]( and [Matt]( too.

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