Two Updated Plugins For WordPress [en]

WordPress users, this is for you! Two useful plugins for coComment have been updated:

  • coComment Enhancer by David has gone up to version 1.2.3b, with bug fixes as well as French and German translations.
    This plugin will integrate coComment into your blog. This means that it will ensure that coComment gets accurate data (post name, blog name, post url, etc.) independantly of the way you set up your template.

    It is definitely the easiest way to make your blog friendly for coComment if you’re using WordPress, and it ensures that coComment gets the right data even if you change your template.
  • Show coComments by Pablo has now been bumped up to 0.2 stable release after some bugfixes.
    This sidebar widget allows you to easily display your comments or conversations on your WordPress blog. It also works as a normal plugin if you don’t have a widget-enabled theme.

Thanks a bunch to David and Pablo for taking our feedback into account and updating their plugins. If you don’t use WordPress, all is not lost: check out our Integration page for instructions about integrating coComment into your blog (the little imps tell me it might very well be updated soon, so keep an eye on it). To display your latest comments on your blog, use a blog box which you can customize to your liking.

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Initially posted on the coComment blog.

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