Blog Design: Big Footers [en]

[fr] Je commence à voir l'intérêt des immenses pieds de pages que l'on voit sur certains blogs, et qui servent en fait de sidebar secondaire. Je me demande s'il existe une modification du thème K2 qui offre ça (widgets à la clé, bien sûr).

Just a note to say I’m starting to see the interest of big footers with “secondary content” stuffed into them. Look at this slightly extreme example.

Are there any K2 mods around with big bad-ass widgetised footers?

One thought on “Blog Design: Big Footers [en]

  1. The WordPress Hemingway theme is gaining steam. I could be wrong, but I think it was originally created for Typo, then ported to WordPress, or something like that. And other themers have hacked Hemingway for really nice results. I have a big “footer” at my blog. In the actual code, it’s really a “sidebar” that has been moved to the bottom.

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