Growing the coCo-family [en]

If you’re an enthusiastic coComment user, you probably wish that more of those participating in the same conversations than you were also using coComment. Sure, we are now capable of tracking comments by anybody if they are made on an integrated site. You’ve probably already set up your own blog to do that.

But what about all the other blogs you are commenting on? And what about neat things like tagging, RSS feeds or Firefox extension notifications your fellow commenters could also take advantage of if they were coComment users? We know many of you have been encouraging readers or fellow bloggers to register, and we really thank you for that.

We’d now like to ask you – the members of the coComment community – what ideas you have to encourage people to open a coComment account, and, let’s face it, discover the real power of blogging as a conversational medium.

What can we do to help you invite your readers into the big coCo-family?

What, in your experience, has convinced people around you to try and use our service?

And if you haven’t got a coComment account yet, or have one and don’t really use it, we’d love to hear from you too. Why haven’t you tried? Why aren’t you using it, or why did you stop using it?

Initially posted on the coComment blog.

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