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[fr] J'ai un projet de répertoire de blogs suisses construit sur Technorati. Je cherche un développeur pour la partie PHP/MySQL/TechnoratiAPI et un designer/graphiste pour l'interface web. C'est un projet non lucratif mais qui peut rapporter visibilité et célébrité à  ceux qui y prendront part!

You might have heard that is for sale. As we all could suspect, Matt unfortunately and understandably doesn’t have time for SwissBlogs and handed it back to me a few weeks ago.

I have plans for SwissBlogs, which involve a complete make-over and using “what’s out there” as much as possible. I think it’s silly to spend energy re-inventing the wheel. I won’t go into details here, but my idea involves building on all the data already available through Technorati. I mentioned this idea on the bloggerbosse list but got the feeling everybody was just interested in building something from the ground up.

I have the ideas, but not the time (and my limited skills would make the necessary time long) to implement it. I’m looking for a developer who could do the PHP, MySQL and Technorati API stuff, and a designer to take care of the web part. The directory I have in mind would be a public service, and would be strictly non-profit. I want people who are in the directory to not worry about their data being sold or distributed as part of a list for marketing purposes.

If you’re interested in participating, and have time and energy to spend on the project, drop me a line or leave a comment. Credit will be given, of course, which means fame awaits you if everything goes as planned.

5 thoughts on “Project With Technorati API [en]

  1. Over in Zurich we have have the first PHP ZH usergroup meeting happening next week ( – some usual faces like Christian as well as new faces.

    Don’t know yet if anyone will have the time but it would be interesting to have a voluntary project we could work on as a group, and this sounds like a great opportunity.

    If you’re interested, drop some background and your ideas somewhere on the wiki, like here, and I’ll see I’ll raise it at the meeting and let you know somehow (probably via the wiki).

  2. Just one question Steph. You write:
    “…would be strictly non-profit…” how you can explain me how you want a strictly non commercial product or directory based on a finally commercial product like technorati? do you know longterm strategie from technorati and why you want to build a service which is depending from technorati?

  3. What I mean is that the list can’t be used for commercial purposes. Check the Technorati TOS — something in the same spirit.

    I want people to have the assurance that the directory listing isn’t going to be sold.

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