First Impressions of LIFT'06 [en]

[fr] Premières impressions de LIFT'06.

Venue: not too much trouble finding it, that was nice. [Laurent himself]( at the ticket desk, that was nice too. [Robert Scoble]( looks younger than I expected (I’m [sitting right in front of him]([email protected]/94458716/ “Robert Scoble’s view of the stage.”), didn’t do it on purpose, promise!).

In Line for LIFT'06

Missing in the conference room:

– water (no drinks allowed apart from water, and all I have in my bag is orange juice, and I’m really thirsty) Update: thanks to [David Galipeau](, I’ve found the water fountains now.
– more power strips (yeah, I know)

Missing online (update)

– backchannel? (I’m sitting in #lift06 on, just in case)
– live audio?
– people using Bonjour/Rendez-Vous… (I’ve opened and announced a document for [collaborative note-taking in SubEthaEdit](… just in case, feel free to join if you’re at the conference).

I have a huge problem: I totally suck at understanding non-native speakers talking in English (particularly francophones). Isn’t that amazing, given I’m a francophone myself?

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6 thoughts on “First Impressions of LIFT'06 [en]

  1. ben ca va te plaire, un petit feedback de la tsr à  12:45, je cite “… ou les blog, ces fameux journaux intimes en ligne…”
    mmh un blog, c’est bien un journal intime? 😉

  2. Toilets aren’t really straightforward to find, you need to get lost in the corridors first…

  3. Hi, I couldn’t find you collaborative notes on SubEthaEdit by following the link in your post – can you post it again? Thanks

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