Software: FreeMind [en]

Trying out FreeMind, mind-mapping software that runs on OSX (and other operating systems).

[fr] Je suis en train d'utiliser FreeMind, un logiciel gratuit de "mind-mapping" (comme MindManager) qui tourne sous OSX. J'y ai mis ma liste de choses à faire, et c'est bien mieux que dans iCal.

The less I post, the less I post. One reason being that there would be a ton of things I could talk about, but I don’t want to discuss here. Another being that my hands hurt. But the most important one is that as I don’t write much these days, the things I actually do publish had better be overly important and overly interesting.

So, to hell with that. I’ll lower my interestingness expectations.

I’ve just been trying out FreeMind, a free mind-mapping application that runs under OSX, Windows, and Linux. Following Suw‘s advice, I’m using it to keep track of things I must do. I’m not certain it will replace my fun to-do list, but it sure beats iCal’s To Dos.

3 thoughts on “Software: FreeMind [en]

  1. Dammit.
    Answer me. I have been waiting for over FOUR YEARS. What am I? Nothing? That’s not what you said 4.2 years ago!

    So anyway . . . about the hands . . . why did they hurt?

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