My iBook is Back! [en]

Got my iBook back after 6 weeks of repairs.

[fr] J'ai enfin récupéré mon iBook, après plus de 6 semaines de réparation (par ma faute et par la faute d'Apple).

Finally, finally, after over a month and a half of waiting, I got my iBook back. Bonus: they changed the topboard, so I have a new trackpad and white wrist wrests.

Why did it take so long? Partly my fault, partly Apple’s fault.

  1. I didn’t register my AppleCare correctly, so the shop had to do it for me outside the registration deadline, and (more or less understandably) Apple took their time.
  2. Apple sent the shop a faulty motherboard to repair my iBook with; the shop changed it, the computer still didn’t work, they had to order another one (from second order to repaired iBook, it took less than 10 days — Monday to the Wednesday after).

It wasn’t too bad living without a computer at home, except when (a) I found myself the center of media attention once again and (b) when I had to stay at school to type up tests and stuff for school (that was the worst). I found myself reading more, and watching a little too much TV for my taste (got nearly-hooked on a couple of series — let me know if you’re planning to offer me a birthday present, I’ve got ideas).

Actually, it was a little like being on holiday. I missed my online friends, and a bunch of things happened in my absence; some of which I regret not having been part of, some of which I’m happy to have avoided. I had lots of things to write during the first weeks, and that was a little frustrating. I’m not one to write on paper and type up later (partly because writing by hand is difficult for me because of RSI), so quite a lot of things simply disappeared in the void.

I’ve more or less caught up on e-mail (I had been checking it every couple of days at school anyway), paid a visit to the blogs I like, said hi to some people on IRC and IM, and now I need to try to get back to what I was working on online “before”. That might take some more time, particularly as we are nearing the last weeks of school now.

Glad to be back!

10 thoughts on “My iBook is Back! [en]

  1. I’ve more or less caught up on e-mail

    So I guess the email last Monday is in the ‘less’ part 😉

  2. Bon, puisqu’il semble s’être perdu dans les limbes d’Internet, en voici une copie :


    Il y a un certain Tarik de qui me demande l’autorisation d’utiliser la photo que j’ai prise du bloggyfriday où tu apparais pour “illustrer un entretien avec Elle”.

    Je tenais quand même avant à  vérifier avec toi si tu es d’accord (et au courant) de cette utilisation. Pour moi, cela ne pose aucun problème. Est-ce ok avec toi ?

    a+ et bonne reprise apres ce week-end prolongé.


  3. Julien: oui oui, donc, comme je t’ai enfin répondu, Tarik te contactait à  ma demande! 🙂

  4. Dunno if you teach English as well, but if you do you might want to ask your students to say “white wrist wrests” 20 times in a row…they’d probably wrestle a bit with it 😉

  5. I’m not teaching English at the moment, but I’ll keep your phrase in mind for when I do! 🙂

  6. I have a better one: three witches watch three Swatch watches. Which witch watch which Swatch watch?

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