Possible Hiatus [en]

[fr] Mon ibook semblant sur le point de me lâcher, ne vous inquiétez pas outre mesure si je disparais ces prochains jour: j'ai pris un plan de protection AppleCare 🙂

My ibook seems to be giving signs of imminent logical board failure. If I go off the radar, you’ll know I’m really glad I paid Apple Tax (AppleCare) and that they are fixing my computer for free.

8 thoughts on “Possible Hiatus [en]

  1. Steph has asked me to post here to say that her laptop is now away being fixed and that she won’t be able to easily get online for the next couple of weeks.

  2. Thanks, Suw! Actually, I’ll have a comp lent to me within a day or two, so you should see me around 🙂

  3. Make sure they fix it right…my iBook has it logic board fixed six months ago…and now its screwing up again…

  4. Handover Swissblogs

    Je passe aujourd’hui officiellement la direction de l’annuaire SwissBlogs à  Matthias Gutfeldt, un vieil ami qui s’occupe du fameux Blog.ch. Je reste cependant encore dans les parages avec un grand fouet

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