Pompage.net Rip-Off [en]

Pompage.net was ripped off.

[fr] Le design de Pompage.net a été copié, par un site qui (d'après ce que je comprends) vise à  promouvoir l'utilisation du galicien.

8 thoughts on “Pompage.net Rip-Off [en]

  1. euh… je comprends pas : pompage, c’est pas un site pour copier ?

  2. Note that there was a recent court case in Germany where the courts ruled that the CSS files and related graphics at stake were not protected by copyright law. One would have to look at the various CSS files and images to determine whether they worth protecting. Art. 2 of the Swiss copyright law [FR] says: “toute création de l’esprit, littéraire ou artistique, qui a un caractère individuel” and goes on to list some categories. It is not immediately obvious to me where CSS files would fit.

  3. N’empêche, laisser le lien vers climbtothestars, ‘faut pas non plus être très malin.

    It doesn’t take too much of a lightbulb to remove revealing links. Apparently this guy is no rocket scientist. Which makes for the funny

  4. Si quelque chose est joli, pourquoi ne pas le copier ? C’est la méthode d’apprentissage de tout artiste, non ?

    Something pretty is worth to be copied, isn’t it ? Isn’t it the best way of learning for an artist ?

  5. I would not suggest sending a report to Invision Graphics as there is a blog up now stating they also violate infringements. The guy who put this blog up had excellent screen shots of stealing. Rose, who wrote the above comment is married to the guy who runs Invision Graphics.

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