EPFL Offers Blogs to All Its Students [en]

A major engineering school in French-speaking Switzerland (Lausanne) has opened a blogging platform for all students and staff.

[via Hannes, Roberto]

The EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) has set up a blogging platform for all students and staff.

The platform is home-cooked, Java-based, and still in early stages. Trackback and external comments have not been implemented at this stage because of potential spam problems. Their archiving system is in my opinion a little basic, but the blogs all have RSS feeds, so I think there is definitely hope for the future.

I blogged about this in French yesterday, but I think it’s significant news enough for me to mention it again in English. (Plus, I’m thinking very hard about the implication of being a multilingual blog with monolingual readers…)

4 thoughts on “EPFL Offers Blogs to All Its Students [en]

  1. me too. I have started up a category for Welsh language posts, but it remains to be seen if it works ok, or how much i write. I have set it up so that it doesn’t show up on the front page, but you need to go to a category page to see it. Not sure if this is ideal or not.

  2. Ça devient encore mieux: Le software va être publié comme projet open source!

    I think even for your monolingual readers (ich bin offensichtlich keiner von diesen ;)) it might very well be worth the effort to read the posts in other languages.. from my experience one of the most boring situation is when everything has to be said twice. I had to attend lectures where this was done this way (french+german) and it sucked big time indeed.

  3. It often bugs me when I think of how useless my own university was when it came to internet stuff. There were no connection in the main accomodation. You could only go online when the library was open. PAH!!!

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  4. I found the same problem and decided to set up two separate blogs, one in Spanish and one in English. My original audience is Spanish speaking but a good number of them don’t speak (or read) English. I have the feeling even links to English sites on that blog are only half-useful for most. On the other hand, I wanted to reach a wider audience, and the only way to do it was to post in English. At the moment what I am doing is, more or less, replicating the contents of the Spanish blog on the English one. I provide two flavours that, for the most part, provide the same content, and the audience decides which they prefer to follow.

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