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Everything fine, India is less adventurous, more photos and videos online.

India is clearly less adventurous than it was for me, and there is therefore less to tell. I guess I’m adapting to the place too well! I’m having a very nice quiet time here, between walking the Shinde dogs and going out to eat in various places.

I went to see The Last Samurai last night. My mid-day meal was the occasion of using up a roll of digital film (understand: a memory stick) shooting pictures of Madhav’s friends. The Crab&Beer photographs are now online for your viewing in the Dumps section. I’ve also made more videos you can go and see.

Obviously, I’m not getting a lot of access to the Internet. Nisha and Shinde do live pretty far off, so if I get to check my mail once every two or three days I consider myself lucky. Please don’t hesitate to use the marvels of modern technology (understand: SMS) if you need to get in touch — as I said, my phone number is in the comments to the entry before last.

Enjoy the photos and the videos!

Update: just a note (for Mark, particularly) concerning the camera. I left my fancy phone behind in Switzerland, and a collegue of mine lent me a pretty sexy Sony Handycam — that’s what I’m using for the photographs and videos. I’m doing many more videos on tape, but those will have to wait until my return to Switzerland to see the light of the web.

5 thoughts on “Just News [en]

  1. Hey Steph, I finally discovered your video directory. *I took the liberty of linking to your video dir on my blog, that okay?*
    Good stuff there – next on my wishlist is one of those camcorders. Not anytime soon though.
    Laxmi road – gee, still as bustling as ever.
    And small world here – I recognised Sasha, Seema and Rajat among Madhavs group of friends. Ahh Pune !

  2. Hi, Stephanie! My daughter would love to see some photos of the Shinde dogs. We don’t really know what they look like. How long are you staying in India? In America, the news is all about the presidential race, which seems to go on and on. It seems as though John Kerry will be George W. Bush’s opponent in Nov.

    Do you like the Indian food? What is your favorite dish?

    Best wishes,


  3. you’re really on a roll with the digicam! the crab and beer party looked like fun though on my dial-up you can imagine how much time it takes to download even a few pictures! but i didn’t spot you anywhere! you must get someone to take a few of you so that you remember you were there too! shinde’s dogs look really cute too 🙂

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